Gratuity reports in less than 5 minutes by InsurTech Actuary

Generate actuarial reports instantly

Online @₹3,000/- per report

Our software lets you generate actuarial reports for Gratuity and Leave Encashment schemes as per AS15 or IndAS19 quicker than ever before.


Simply opt for Offline reports

Just email us the data in Excel.
Get the reports within 1 working day.

Instant reports

Generate draft actuarial reports for Gratuity instantly. Our actuarial software is capable of more than 1 crore calculations per minute.

Cost savings

We charge just ₹3,000 per gratuity report (online mode).

Simple and easy-to-use

Our software is designed with simplicity at forefront and requires minimal inputs.


All the signed Gratuity Reports are reviewed by our panel of qualified Actuaries.

Detailed reports

Fully compliant with AS15 and IndAS19 accounting standards.

Data Privacy

Data is stored on secure AWS + Microsoft servers with strict User Access Controls.

Automated Calculations

Thus eliminating risk of human errors.


Online reports

₹3,000/report (excl. GST)
  • Instant report
  • Signed by our panel qualified actuary
  • Up to 500 employees per report
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Email support
  • AS15, IndAS19 accounting standards only

Offline reports

  • 1-day turnaround time
  • Signed by our panel qualified Actuary
  • Cost increases with employee count
  • Employee-wise liability breakdown
  • On-demand Actuarial Analyst support
  • All accounting standards (+ESOP reports)

If you are already sourcing actuarial reports for Gratuity from another actuary, and wish to avail our services, then please opt for “Offline reports” via “Request a quote” button above, and our team will contact you. Thanks!

What our customers say?

InsurTech Actuary was a go-to solution when we wanted US GAAP Gratuity report and AS15 actuarial report. The TAT and costing for the services offered is really great and would recommend them. Their tool offers us to download reports instantaneously without any dependency from their end directly. The support by the team is also phenomenal.

Rees Emanuel, Magzter

I have been using their service since last 2 years and it has been so hasslefree....a special thanks to Anirudh for his constant assistance and guidance throughout the process.

CA Pruthvii Joshi, Vernost

We had opted for gratuity report as per INDAS19 from them and the way they handled task was truly professional. We really appreciate the team’s effort from the beginning of this assignment. Quite satisfied by the way data was collected and analyzed several times to maintain the accuracy.

Harish Mudalidar, Indus Container

1. Login on / Request Quote1%
2. Pay in advance (non-negotiable)20%
3. Enter data to generate draft Gratuity Report75%
4. Share Draft with Auditors for validation of inputs90%
5. Lock Report for Actuary's Signatures. Confirm via email!100%

Five simple steps

Our Process

Quick demo

Gratuity report | 100 employees

Calculation time <1 minute


Yes, our “Offline Reports” are designed to facilitate the traditional way of working where you just need to email the employee data in excel format and we will take care of the rest.

Please click here to request a quote. You will receive a quote and a callback from us immediately after.

The GST invoice will be based on the entity details provided in the “Add Organization” screen. We will email you the GST invoice within 1 working day of the payment receipt. However, at times, the process maybe delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at (080) 4568 1111 in case of any issues with the invoice.

Please note that we have not automated the invoice generation to enable bulk credits for larger conglomerates.

Please email us at [email protected] or call our helpline number at (080) 4568 1111

We have provided “info” button for each line item throughout the app to help you.

Apart from the above, in case you are not sure about attrition rate and/or salary escalation rate assumptions, please read our blogs under Learn section.

If you need any further help, please email our team at [email protected] with your query. We will respond within 1 working day.

You can also setup a Teams call (chargeable basis) with our team by sending us an email or booking directly by clicking here. Our team will assist you with actuarial assumptions and generating the gratuity reports.

However, if you have opted for “Offline” reports, then you can call our 24×7 helpline number at 080 4568 1111 and someone from the team will help you.

It usually takes less than a minute on an average Windows PC. However, for higher employee count and depending on the system it might take up to 2 minutes.

If it takes you more than 3 minutes then click on “refresh” and go to “reports”. Call us on (080) 4568 1111 if you face any issues.

Yes, absolutely!

You can opt for “Offline” reports. Our offline processes are equally efficient with turnaround time ranging from few hours to 1 working day.

Moreover, this mode also allows you to tap into the expertise of our team at no additional cost.

Please click here to request a quote.

All our reports are signed by an independent consulting actuary, qualified from Institute of Actuaries of India.

Our panel actuary holds Certificate of Practice in Employee Benefits and has the authority to sign both AS15 and IndAS19 actuarial reports for all employee benefits schemes, including Pensions, PF, Gratuity, Leave Encashment, ESOPs, etc.

By locking the report for actuary’s signatures, you will not be able to make any further changes to the report.

Once confirmed, our panel actuary will sign the report and upload the same on the app. You can access the signed reports in “Reports” on top navigation bar in the app (after logging in).

We strongly recommend that you share the draft report with your auditor for data and assumptions verification, before locking the reports for signature and use in next year’s valuations.

The reports are considered actuarial reports only once signed by a qualified actuary.

We have AI-based algorithms that validate the data and generate the draft actuarial reports automatically without any human involvement.

We are thus able to save on time and effort resulting in cost savings.

We pass on the cost saving benefit to you and thus the low price point.

You can drop us an email to [email protected] for a refund as long as you have not generated a report.

Please note that refund will not be issued once the draft report is generated, irrespective of whether the reports are signed or not.

We recommend that you do not switch your actuary, unless you are facing issues with them.

However, if you still want to avail our services, you can opt for “Offline” reports.

Please call us on (080) 4568 1111 to discuss further.

Only applicable if you are switching your actuary.

NOC stands for “No Objection Certificate”. It is a requirement as per Actuarial Professional Standards to obtain NOC from the previous actuary.

Generally, NOC is easily provided by the previous actuary unless you have any overdue balances with them. As such, we recommend clearing your balances before switching the actuary.

Please note that we will not be signing the report in case the previous actuary refuses to issue the NOC due to genuine reasons.

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